Friday, January 23, 2009

Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha Dolls "The Obama Girls"

Beanie Babies maker Ty has launched two new dolls Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia.
Sound familiar?
It should, given that Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, are our nation's new first daughters and they are both, well, sweet and marvelous.
"They're such adorable girls. How can we resist?" These are Beautiful African American children . African American Women (Black Women) come in thousands Exotic Skin Tones, and Exotic Features these dolls look like little African American Girls born from an African American Mother ( Black Mother) Black Women can create all types of Exotic Skin Tones they don't have to go out side there race to have an Exotic Looking Child. Black Women have the Dominant Gene that's the gene that can produce all skin tones.
Black Women are the only Women in the world with the Dominant Gene now that's POWER!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The first African American President & The First African American first Lady!
This is a Victory for all African Americans and all Minority American's and All Minorities around the World.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Black Women Only Featured in the Italian Vogue Magazine (July, 2008)

Italian Vogue breaks fashion’s color line in new issue

But while magazine showcases black models, its ads still feature white ones.

White Woman Only Have Simple White Skin,Different Color Hair & Eyes, and Ugly Features. Black Women Out Shines Non-Black Women Any-day With There Exotic Skin Tones,Exotic Features,Dark Hair And Dark Eyes,and Exotic Hair Textures, & there Blessed Body Parts.

Italian Vogue breaks fashion’s color line in new issue

“Black is beautiful” has been around as a catchphrase since the 1960s, but a lot of aspiring models are still waiting for the arbiters of fashion to catch on to it. That’s why there’s so much buzz over Vogue magazine’s decision to devote its current Italian issue entirely to models who are women of color. Black Women Only!

The white race is so jealous of (Black Women) African American because of there Exotic Skin Tones,Exotic Features,Exotic Hair Textures, and there Blessed real body parts Full Lips,Huge Butts,Curves,and most of the Black Women have Huge Breast.

All Non Black Woman and Mixed Race Women have to go under the knife just to keep up with the True Black Women of the world. That's why you don't see Black Women on the Runways, or on TV because None Black Men & Woman are so Jealous of the Real Black Women.

Black Women, Exotic Skin Tones & Exotic Features, Exotic Hair Textures and Real Blessed Full Body Parts will out Shine the Non-Black Women on the Runways.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tyler Perry's "Meet The Browns"

"Meet The Browns" Theatrical Release: Mar 21, 2008 Wide
Box Office: $20,082,809

Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married"

Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” Came out on DVD Tuesday,
February 12, 2008! make sure you got out and buy this movie it's great!

Did you know that Tyler Perry’s new movie about Marriage, which
was released on Friday, October 12th was NUMBER 1 at the Hollywood
Box Office! It grossed over $21 million, easily beating all other
movies. This is simply amazing. Hollywood certainly did not
expect this to happen. Now 3 weeks later, it was still holding
strong at number 5 on the Hollywood Box office charts which
monitors the top ten movies out. WDIGM has almost reached
$48 million!

Let's make sure we go out and support our "Black Movies"

Barack Obama Just Might Be The First Black President Of The United States


Make sure you vote for this Election....

This is a picture of Barack Obama with his beautiful wife Michelle Obama

Barack Obama: for President of the United States!

The First Egyptians were Black People - Ethiopians

The picture of the beautiful black woman is Queen Nerfertiti (A Black Egyptian Queen)

Please make sure you order or go to the Public Library to read the National Geographic February 2008 Addition. About the Black Pharaohs. Also if you haven't seen The Movie Prince Of Egypt please buy it or rent it. This movie shows that the first Egyptians on this earth were Black People (Ethiopians). Great Movie!

The great thing about this movie was it showed Black People (Ethiopians ) as the first Egyptians and it showed our different black skin tones. The disappointing thing that I didn't like about this movie was they used White Actors instead of Black Actors voice as the characters but besides that this movie gets an A+

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Adam and Eve - Eve Was A Black Women Adam could have been (?)

The Human Race Started in Africa

The contention would also violate Mendel law. Mendel, the father
of genetics, stated that Black genes were Dominant and White
Genes were recessive and that a recessive cannot produce a
dominant, meaning if you had began with White people, you
would not have got Black People..
ALL RACES....This information comes from the website that I just
posted at the top (The Human Race Started in Africa) White
people can't produce darker skinned people.

This sites confirms The mother of all races Eve was ( A Black
Woman) as for Adam he may have been (?) not sure
because.. Black genes were dominant and White genes were
recessive and that a recessive cannot produce a dominant.
But Eve a (Black) mother of all races.............................. thats
why we have different shades of races today...............................
............because a white woman has Recessive Genes can't
produce darker races and the black woman has the Dominant
Genes that means the blacks have the strongest genes of all
races............. she can produce all skin tones.......................

A white man and a white women could never ever produce dark
skin tone because they are Recessive Genes.

Only a black women can have babies of every skin tone because
she's the Dominant Gene.That's why you see black men and
black women with features of other races but mostly the black
women they have features of Asians,Indians,Hispanics,Latina's
Women and so on.

God gave the Black women the full package starting with the
Dominant Gene,full lips,curves,big butts,and most of them with
big breast,black women also have the most Exotic Features and
Exotic skin Tones along with different hair textures no other
race have the full package but the Black Women.. God made
Black Women the mother of all Races.

Make sure you copy and paste this link it explains more....


Scientist did gene studies on all races and found out the
Black Genes were the only gene pool that were mixed with
every race. Also a study was done with 20 white people
and 15 black people scientist confirmed that white people
only had White Genes they weren't mixed with any other
race but the white race. But the 15 Black Genes were mixed
with every race. This proves that Adam and Eve Could have
never been White...The Black Gene is the Dominant Gene
of all race and is the only Gene that can produce All Skin
Tones and All Features of every Race.

May 11, 1986, Newsweek magazine published a story of
a Blackman eating a fruit from a Black woman. It was titled:
"The African Eve". In January 26, 1987, Time Magazine had
another photograph of a Black woman with a headline, "Our
Genealogical mother from Africa". All the other Euro-American
magazines, The Economist, Philadelphia, Science News, Organic,
Inquirer, Natural History, Nature, BJS and recently The New
York Times book of the month, wrote about the subject.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

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